Serving as a Jury Member for the 2024 MALKO Competition
Place & Time
Copenhagen Concert Hall
Copenhagen DENMARK
April 18, 2024

Round 3
Debussy, Ravel, Bartok & Nielsen

The 3rd round is divided into two parts: Morning and afternoon.

In the morning each candidate will have 22 min. with the orchestra.

New commission for the Malko Competition (app. 7 minutes)
The candidate may rehearse with the orchestra. Duration of the commissioned piece - performance/rehearsal should be min. 7 min. The score will be provided on March 17 2024.

Without rehearsal the candidate will perform one of the following three pieces (by his/her own choice) and will be stopped at 22 min. (incl. the commissioned piece):

C. Debussy: La Mer (Durand)

M. Ravel: La Valse (Bärenreiter)

B. Bartok: Concert for Orchestra 1. mov. (Boosey/ rev.1945/1993/2018 - Musica Budapest)

The candidate will be stopped after 22 min. performance incl. the commissioned piece.

In the afternoon each candidate will, without rehearsal, perform
Carl Nielsen: Flute Concerto 1st mov. (WH free download of the score)
The candidate will have time to meet and talk with the soloist beforehand.

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