Serving as a Jury Member for the 2024 MALKO Competition
Place & Time
Copenhagen Concert Hall
Copenhagen DENMARK
April 16, 2024

Monday & Tuesday
Round 1
Mozart, Haydn & Beethoven

Each candidate will have 17 min. with the orchestra and may rehearse with the orchestra within that time. The candidate chooses 2 of the 3 choices below. Just before the 1st round, a ballot decides which piece the candidate will perform and the exact excerpt of the piece. The candidate thus only performs one of the 3 possibilities.

1. W. A. Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D Major Kv. 385 ‘Haffner’ 1. mov. (Bärenreiter)

2. J. Haydn: Symphony No. 49 in f-minor Hob. I:49 1. mov. (Doblinger/ R. Landon)

3. L.v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in Bb-Major 1. mov. (Bärenreiter)

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