Symphony in H2O major

"Something splattering by Evelyn Glennie and recreation
First a sparkling fire symphony by Haydn, which demonstrated how much period performance practice is cultivated in the recreation Barock series. Then the large-size sound of the overwhelming musician Wagner, here Wotan's pastose Farewell and Magic Fire Music from the Valkyrie. And after the intermission the orchestra served a thoughtful, paprika seasoned Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5 - under the baton of the likewise accurate and brilliantly acting First Guest Conductor Mei-Ann Chen. But this was just a warm-up for the spectacular “Water Concerto for water percussion and orchestra” by the Chinese Tan Dun, for which Evelyn Gelennie crept into the rows of the Stefaniensaal like a goblin and made the Waterphon screech with a violin bow. What the magic hands of the 54-year-old Scottish woman and her colleagues Ulrike Stadler and Janos Figula performed in the following 30 minutes with their bells, gongs, bowls, slapstick cups, tubes, flip-flops, etc. in and around four basins of water - “splattering” in both senses of the expression - became an ecstasy of sound, with shimmering to crowing orchestral shouts, a symphony in H2O major with a show factor, but also great depth." (translation)

Die Kleine Zeitung
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