December 7, 2020
Streaming of Recreation Gros Orchestre Graz documentary December 8

Recreation Gros Orchestre Graz premieres for ′′ We share the music The sound creators " Tuesday, December 8th. Don't miss this fascinating documentary by Roland Renner.
Mei-Ann Chenn, pianist Ya Chu Ho and Recreation l show you "what music can do, what it is for us and what it does to us, wrapped in a movie."
Eight cameras and dozens of microphones accompanied the large orchestra at Stefaniensaal.
On the program: Rachmaninov's 2. th piano concert and the bewildering Scheherazade by Rimski-Korsakov. Our producer Roland Renner (Reziprok) delivers a fascinating making-of-documentary about the central characters of high-security production for the high-gloss concert film. Title: ′′ The Sound Creators ".
Ps.: All 150 corona tests done were negative.
Tune in! From Tuesday, 8.12.2020, 16:00 pm:

Video: Matthias Wagner”

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